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This is an unofficial translation of one of the blogs written by the Syrian teenager "Tal al-Mallohi". She blogs in Arabic. She is now in Jail and I thought it may be a nice idea to translate some of her articles into English. This is a purely individual effort and she has no idea about it.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sixth Message to the Humankind in This World

O my "Brother Human"! You are mavelous and creative. You fill my veins with innocent blood from which I get the ink for my pen to write you.

O my "Brother Human"! You are oppressed in the modern technological society. We have to know whether the technology will provide us with solutions at the same speed at which it creates the problems. We may be under the soil before we discover a solution to the radiation pollution. The example of Chernobyl is still alive in our minds.

The rapid increase in population growth; the tremendous growth of energy resources; the accumulation of waste produced by the industry; and the deliberate mass elimination of many types of forests and animals are some of the environmental problems that concern the human race. These problems become intertwined and complicated due to the conflicts caused by the unequal growth attained by different nations and by the value loss of principles of morality, justice and law in our world.

Therefore, my "Brother Human", you have to pay the price always....

My brother! the human well-being depends on the harmony that he achieve between themselves and nature. The fish die in the lakes. The bees are destroyed by the pesticides. The animal species disappear gradually. The smoke smelled by the children in the streets and the noise that prevents you from sleeping and causes you to lose your balance are all common pollution. Furthermore, starvations, the displaced people, the infectious diseases and the people who were expelled from their homes and lands are all problems that need urgent and close attention. If we don not do so, we will be destroying everything was constructed by humanity throughout history.

We thought, my brother, that we became masters of the universe. The fact is that we have lost the control over our destiny.

Hey masters of polluted industry! Spend some of your enormous profits on the safety measures in your deadly factories. Perhaps the percentage reaches the election majority obtained by presidents in the underdeveloped countries. It is an era of confusion! Even cows have gone mad, the sheep have become crazy, and the birds have got infected by the disease which caused them to be burnt and the migratory birds to be killed. So, what else has left?

Hey masters of deadly industry! Do you think that you have a tent over your heads to protect you from all of this?? Have you forgotten that you created a hall in the ozone layer and it is getting larger?

My warm condolences to all my brothers in humanity all over the world for what they have suffered due to the unnatural disasters.

(O my "Brother Human" I do not say "goodbye" since I am always with you.)

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