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This is an unofficial translation of one of the blogs written by the Syrian teenager "Tal al-Mallohi". She blogs in Arabic. She is now in Jail and I thought it may be a nice idea to translate some of her articles into English. This is a purely individual effort and she has no idea about it.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Message to the Humankind in This World

(19 January 2009)

O my "Brother Human":
You are the soul-mate of all other humans. You outlive this universe.
Wherever you are, you are like me: you love what I love and hate what I
hate. I like to see you living in peace, safety and security. I like to
see you always with a smile filling the universe with love and the souls
with joy.

O my "Brother Human", where is the love culture that commanded to us by
God's laws?! Where is the culture of integration and solidarity between
our brothers in humanity?! Why are there who are unable to find food
here and there?? Why do the diseases spread and there is no cure for
it?! O my "Brother Human", why do the killing and destruction spread
here and there?? Why does the innocent die while the abuser lives?!! Why
does some people die from overeating and the others from starvation??!!

Hey you the "Wise of the World": I am sure that your hearts are not
deprived from compassion and love. You, and you alone, are able to
return the balance to this frightened and trembler universe.
Give us the reassurance and security so that you will immortal in our

(O my "Brother Human" I do not say "goodbye" since I am always with you.)

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