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This is an unofficial translation of one of the blogs written by the Syrian teenager "Tal al-Mallohi". She blogs in Arabic. She is now in Jail and I thought it may be a nice idea to translate some of her articles into English. This is a purely individual effort and she has no idea about it.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fifth Message to the Humankind in This World

O my "Brother Human" who has a noble soul and character. I feel that whenever I read more about the world I become closer and more attached to you and my love to your humanity increases. I think that the interaction of cultures among themselves together with the exchange of ideas and opinions, even if apparently different sometimes, makes the whole world in my eyes without any borders that could stop me or any restrictions to my mobility. I feel that no one prevents the migration of my intellectuality to any place on Earth as it does not need a visa or an immigration document.

O my "Brother Human". Any human culture that leads to extremism, terrorism or moral dissolution is a barbarian culture and I will call it the "inhuman culture". This inhuman culture is the first nail in the coffin of humanity. O my "Brother Human", the home of the human culture is your supreme intellectuality. The more you expose your intellectuality to the diverse cultures, the closer you will be to your brother human.

I do not like the words of the poet Rudyard Kipling the "Oh, the East is East, and the West is West, and never the twain shall meet"! Instead I promote the union of the East and the West. The East is not east and the West is not west but they meet somewhere. As an example, with rational thought, two great souls from here and from there can agree with each other irrespective of the vast separation in time and space. The best eaxample for this is the great Persian poet Hafez Shirazi, whose  poetry was translated into German and other languages and Goethe the world-class writer and the lead poet of Germany, who called one of his poem collection the "West-Eastern Divan". Another example is the poet Rainer Maria Rilke who wrote his poetry in the eastern countries and about the East. Do not you think, my Brother Human, that a little bit of impartial, fair and neutral investigation about the history, the civilizations, and the emergence of beliefs and ideas is enough to reduce the racial fanaticism and the claims of credit to oneself especially with the fact that the human nature is identical in general structure and intrinsic attitudes.

(O my "Brother Human" I do not say "goodbye" since I am always with you.)

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