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This is an unofficial translation of one of the blogs written by the Syrian teenager "Tal al-Mallohi". She blogs in Arabic. She is now in Jail and I thought it may be a nice idea to translate some of her articles into English. This is a purely individual effort and she has no idea about it.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seventh Letter to New Orleans and Louisiana

It was midnight, the darkness was interspersed by a veil of rain, and the hurricane screams in the wet silence every once in a while like a herd of wolves devouring, pouncing and slaughtering.

The street is empty here. Another is abandoned there, and nothing but the wind is wailing. The posts is aching in pain and the lamps are weeping.

At the curve of the street, at that cold corner, stood the darkness guarding the veranda of that abandoned house. The lightening was taking away sights ,and revealing the body of a girl lying there in the way of the whips of the savage wind.That girl was gone, for instead of the wind whipping her, waves came to drown her.

A child screaming, "Mother!", the voice faded away, "give me your hand, save me, father!" And beneath the wave, a wheelchair, that was floating upside-down, was disappearing. A hospital was submerged violently by the flood. What has happened to you youthful cities? What has happened to you while in the prime of your youth? Is it meant for the beauty to perish so fast?

Be patient Louisiana! Be patient New Orleans! The disaster revealed your genuine metal and your love for each other no matter how different you were. You represented humanity by all means. Everyone falls week, and you shall rise from your fall like a noble steed. New Orleans and Louisiana shall come back more beautiful than ever, because your roots are deep in the ground, and for it your love is great.

Mend your wounds Louisiana, and mend yours New Orleans, for if a city is to be lost today, a much more beautiful one will be built tomorrow.

Regards to you New Orleans. Regards to you Louisiana. Regards from that who would like to see you in the best and most beautiful shape very soon, "Allah willing".

Be informed my Brother Human that mending yourself and keeping your values and morals are the ways to lift the scourge of all mankind.

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